Overcoming the Monday blues

We've heard it all before but what actually is the Monday blues? Picture this...it's a Sunday evening and you're contemplating whether to eat the last Yorkshire Pudding knowing you'll likely spend the rest of the evening recovering from a food coma! As the evening progresses and the hazy memories of Saturday night slip away, the anxiety of Monday hits you like a bus and suddenly all you can think about is the impending to-do list as well as the long list of things you set out to accomplish over the weekend that never happened. Sound familiar?

But why is it that we're so hard on ourselves and particularly on a Sunday night? Is it the glossy images on social media, the bank account balance (or lack of) three weeks into January or the feeling of never seeing the light of day?  Not every day is amazing and I would love to hear from someone who hasn't ever had a bad day or experienced a stressful situation. But rather than accepting it and letting it pass we instead see our lives as a bunch of tick boxes and when we don't achieve that goal, we see it as a fail. Trying to shed the self-pity and anxiety is no one size fits all approach but it's astounding how much we under-value our own mindset.

For me, I enjoy Monday's. I shifted my attitude (a process which took a long time) to see Monday as an opportunity to start afresh and keep on working towards those goals. I stopped punishing myself mentally because I didn't run that 5k on a Sunday or for ordering a Deliveroo with a full fridge of food. I aim to strike a balance of keeping goals realistic but accept that other things may get in the way of achieving them and we can't tick them off in one day.

So if you're reading this on a Sunday night or at 2pm on a Wednesday and not feeling like your best self, I've popped a couple of my personal recommendations to ease the blues.

Do: Book a holiday! Tick a country you've wanted to visit for ages off the list and focus the time around the exciting places to visit rather than moaning about the freezing cold

Listen: To the Take Flight podcast - their recent episode with breathing coach Rebecca Dennis is a guaranteed motivational Monday pep-talk

Read: Becoming by Michelle Obama. Probably the 17385962 person to recommend it but it really is a page-turner

Hairspray: Sam McKnight
Sleep Mask: SLIP

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