The Sunday Wind Down

Nothing rings quite so true than the lyrics, "I'm easy like Sunday morning." The prolonged lie-in, followed by a slightly fuzzy head from the night before, allowing the perfect excuse for a day of doing nothing guilt-free.

Granted, some Sunday's are more proactive than others with a long walk, gym session or soaking up some local culture, but once the weekly roast is devoured, I'm well on my way to winding down....

Hiding under the faux fur throw, Netflix set up with a rom-com or true crime documentary, nothing completes a weekend wind down without some additional creature comforts to get all cosy. These are the ones I'm currently obsessed with..

Starry Nights - Bella Freud
My go-to scent is anything but feminine. Musk, oud and anything remotely woody can be found in my fragrance collection. A friend once asked me what this candle smells like and I could only describe it as imagining a man with a penchant for strong aftershave who just spent the fragrance terms, it's filled with frankincense, nutmeg and tonka bean.

Sunday Suppers book
Quite simply the holy grail of Sunday comfort food cooking, this aesthetically pleasing cookbook leaves the Monday - Saturday coffee table arrangement and is opened up to choose one of the many delicious recipes to cure the hangover. Written for group gatherings it's ideal for those nights when the girls are round.

diptyque Santal Candle
This candle has seen me through the whole of winter with a chunk still left to burn before the spring season starts. It's the ultimate cuddle in a candle scent with all my favourite woody blends. I usually pop this on while indulging in some pampering, the ultimate setting for those well-needed cosy vibes.

Laura Mercier Almond Coconut Milk Body Cream
In sharp contrast to my musky fragrance preferences, this sweet yet rich souffle is my everyday moisturiser. It's one of the first products I tried from Laura Mercier in my late teens and I've never strayed, mainly due to its comforting scent leaving my entire body smelling like a French patisserie. Once lathered on - in my case sparingly, I slip into oversized baggy comfies and enjoy an evening of nothing.

Slip Silk Sleep Mask
When the latest crime series has been binged, I say goodbye to the weekend with a spritz of pillow spray, cocoon myself up in all the throws and a pop on a silk eye mask.

Monday, come at me!

Getting Under The Skin

Hello.....Still there?

I wouldn't blame you if you'd forgotten about's been a while. Two years to be exact! Admittedly, I was a few clicks away myself from pressing delete and letting it be one of the many things in my life that I've buried in the past.

Two years is a long time and even before then my regular posts were slacking. There's a multitude of reasons but mainly it didn't seem to take priority anymore. 2017, even thought in hindsight is the greatest lucky escape I'll ever have, is buried so far down as years go it's essentially dead to me so let's not go into that. 2018 was not the most groundbreaking year either (although I made some amazing memories) but it was my learning year. A trial and error of learning all over again what I like and don't like. By the end of it I had found what I'd been missing out on for years as well as discovering gaps that I needed to fill to feel driven and fulfilled again.  Not just in hobbies but also friendships, personal relationships and a career. But most of all, I realised how much I missed this....simply sitting on the sofa or in a quiet little coffee shop just writing. No blog plans, no schedules, no photograper, just a moment when the inspiration arrives and typing away.

But a new year opens up a fresh start. No matter how cliche it sounds, it's true. So here I am, back on the internet writing about anything that comes to mind. So if you're new to here, hello and if you're a returning reader, thanks for coming back. There's a lot of exciting things to look forward to and the plan is to share as many little snippets of it as and when I'm armed with my camera and plenty of words!

This month I've been:

Soaking my skin in the Sunday Riley Luna Sleeping Oil before bed. Usually my combination/oily skin is not a fan of oils on the face but this stuff works wonders overnight! With enough retinol to make you look 10 years younger in 8 hours this blue liquid is great at tackling the spots that will not budge.

Fighting hormonal breakouts with a few drops of the Glossier Pure Serum. Packed with the essential shopping list of blemish busting ingredients it's my go-to serum for winter.

Pampering my dry, flaky skin (gross, I know) in the Herbivore Botanicals Jasmine Body Oil. The smell is incredible and well-worth purchasing to keep skin hydrated against drying winter and central heating!

Overcoming the Monday blues

We've heard it all before but what actually is the Monday blues? Picture's a Sunday evening and you're contemplating whether to eat the last Yorkshire Pudding knowing you'll likely spend the rest of the evening recovering from a food coma! As the evening progresses and the hazy memories of Saturday night slip away, the anxiety of Monday hits you like a bus and suddenly all you can think about is the impending to-do list as well as the long list of things you set out to accomplish over the weekend that never happened. Sound familiar?

But why is it that we're so hard on ourselves and particularly on a Sunday night? Is it the glossy images on social media, the bank account balance (or lack of) three weeks into January or the feeling of never seeing the light of day?  Not every day is amazing and I would love to hear from someone who hasn't ever had a bad day or experienced a stressful situation. But rather than accepting it and letting it pass we instead see our lives as a bunch of tick boxes and when we don't achieve that goal, we see it as a fail. Trying to shed the self-pity and anxiety is no one size fits all approach but it's astounding how much we under-value our own mindset.

For me, I enjoy Monday's. I shifted my attitude (a process which took a long time) to see Monday as an opportunity to start afresh and keep on working towards those goals. I stopped punishing myself mentally because I didn't run that 5k on a Sunday or for ordering a Deliveroo with a full fridge of food. I aim to strike a balance of keeping goals realistic but accept that other things may get in the way of achieving them and we can't tick them off in one day.

So if you're reading this on a Sunday night or at 2pm on a Wednesday and not feeling like your best self, I've popped a couple of my personal recommendations to ease the blues.

Do: Book a holiday! Tick a country you've wanted to visit for ages off the list and focus the time around the exciting places to visit rather than moaning about the freezing cold

Listen: To the Take Flight podcast - their recent episode with breathing coach Rebecca Dennis is a guaranteed motivational Monday pep-talk

Read: Becoming by Michelle Obama. Probably the 17385962 person to recommend it but it really is a page-turner

Hairspray: Sam McKnight
Sleep Mask: SLIP
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