Recovering From 2016

Generally speaking, 2016 has felt like a tough old year but there have been some incredible moments that I will never forget.  So rather than drowning sorrows on the last drops prosecco I wanted to talk about the small positives that can keep us all going and recover from the year that was.

With the political atmosphere blowing up across the world and tensions mounting, social media transformed into a platform where it was 'okay' to tear someone apart just because they had opposing views. Isn't it time we celebrated what is great rather than what isn't? Even the small little things like a cheery 'have a nice day,' from the Uber driver can make my day. The world seems to be focusing on what drives us apart and can divide us but there are plenty of things that bring us together and i will be making sure that I surround myself with only positive vibes.

This isn't meant to be some cheesy statement that many make it out to be. It means to be open to new ideas, places, friends, adventures that will make 2017 the best year ever! Take a leap and be fearless with what's out there. I would never have ran off the side of a mountain 2,000 ft up strapped to a parachute across the other side of the world if i didn't just live a little. You might not be jumping off a mountain but it can be applied to anything; changing jobs, going travelling or just seeing friends for that drink you've been putting off for a while.

Whether you're embracing the world of Hygge or exploring a new city, find the place that will make you happy and offer a calm retreat if 2017 follows on from its predecessor.

Dry January maybe around the corner but when you've lived through a year like 2016, who would be willing to give up alcohol altogether? I'm certainly not advising everyone to be drunk throughout 2017 but a tipple or two won't hurt to enhance a renewed sense of hope and positivity.

Let me know how you're recovering for the best year ahead.

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