A Birthday Blog Post

Since university has ended, leaving me to venture off into the world of PR and social media, blogging has finally become part of my life again. But before climbing up the career ladder there was one small thing to celebrate such as............ my 21st.

Since moving the London, all my friends and family have conveniently dispersed across the country which meant a road trip was in order. We scooted up North watching the city scape turn into rolling countryside. With music blaring and an open road we soon arrived to the fresh air of Northumberland.

Unpacked and mouths salivated from the last episode of Masterchef, we got some well needed zzzz before our first stop of the birthday extravaganza. The beach of course.

If you ever get a chance to go up North pay a visit to it's coastline which boasts miles of stunning sand dunes and lapping waves. Unusually a hot day for May, we dropped our beach towel on Seaton Sluice beach and braved the freezing North Sea water for a dip.

Running swiftly back to warmer territories was no easy feat when numbness takes over.

Towel dried and sand free it was time to head back when the real party could begin which meant a swig of the hard stuff......

Maybe I'm not ready to be 21 just yet. Drinks flowing an food ready it was time to get unwrapping to see if I'd been a good girl all year. And boy must I have been an Angel.

Finished off with a slab of cake it was time to get some zzzz and room in my stomach for more food. This time we ventured further 'oop' North to dine at The North's best pub grub, The Northumberland Arms.

Hidden within the depths of the valley of Felton the restaurant and hotel had prepped for the ultimate Sunday roast feast. I went for the braised local lamb with a mint and redcurrant jus which melted into the mouth alongside the crunchy roasts and Yorkshire Pudding.

With barely any room left I couldn't resist the Northumberland Arms' Sticky Toffee Pudding presented as a masterpiece on a plate. Oozing with the sweet toffee sauce it went down a treat and certainly the best looking dessert on the menu.

Fully stuffed and slumped in the car it was time to drive off into the sunset and head South back to London. Of course I couldn't leave without this lady giving me a Northern send off.

Until next time


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