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As the air begins to cool and the sun sets earlier, our beauty bags get revamped for the winter season. Powders are replaced by hydrating creams and tinted moisturiser is binned for sheer foundation. One thing that we never replace is our make-up look. Seasons roll by with the same eyeliner, same blush, same nude lips, same everything.
I am guilty of this more than anyone.
My Burberry nude lip colour, nars blush and brown liner on the waterline have never varied from the beginning of wearing makeup. Only for special occasions or a period of recreating Emma Watson's smokey eye on the Burberry campaign have I added a flick to my liquid liner.
So when Boots invited me to their Give it A Go event in East London, I couldn't help but eagerly see what the experts could do.

Once arrived, I was whisked away to a make-up chair to be left in the hands of celebrity make up artist Jose Bass. Brushes, compacts and some daringly bold lipsticks were laid out on the table for Jose to experiment for the perfect Autumn beauty look.

Jose, who has been entrusted with making the faces of Abbey Clancy, Roasario Dawson and Mischa Barton look red carpet ready, chose to work the claret lip trend and change my nude palette for a stronger look.
See how i got on, and recreate the look with these videos courtesy of Boots and Healthista TV

I have to be honest and say I really loved the claret lip and surprisingly looked good against my pale skin. After Jose worked his magic on my eyes with a feline flick on a smokey eye as perfected on his client, Strictly's Abbey Clancy. As incredible as Abbey looks with the feline flick, it didn't suit to my face as it does on hers. Jose did an incredible job and probably with more contouring and a a darker shadow, it would look glamorous for an evening look, but with a bold lip and porcelain skin it didn't seem to work.
Don't let that stop you from trying the look as it's a great shape and easy to achieve.

Across the UK Boots Give it a Go events are being held with half price offers on No. 7 and Seventeen makeup. So it's the prime opportunity to head down to beauty heaven and fill up those make-up bags with some gorgeous goodies to try.

Healthista caught up with Jose Bass while he worked the claret lip on me and shows you how to perfect the trend for this season.

A massive thanks to Sinead and Fiona for such a great evening and letting me stock up on some beauty treats. Also massive thanks to Jose Bass for recreating the autumn trends and giving great expert advice on how to perfect the look.

If you're not near a boots or in the UK check out my tips for this Winter's hottest beauty look.

Re-create Ohne Titel's runway beauty look this fall with the claret lip using these must have products.
-Boot's No. 7 lip range is on par with the lip colours at Chanel or Tom Ford and luxuriously lie on the lips for a sexy bold look. Other great lip brands to go for include Dior and Yves Saint Laurent
- As Jose Bass advises, use a lip pencil over the base of the lip then apply with a brush, the claret colour.
- For a finishing touch, I love Dior's Addict range which feature the most kissable colours for dull, dry lips.
- Banish those cracked mouths with a toothbrush and a gentle scrub and brush carefully for soft, kiss worthy lips

For more tips from the experts visit their autumn trends lookbook 

So go on girls, pucker up this season with some truly gorgeous lips.


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