Ultimate Summer Guide: Health

In the final part of my ultimate summer guide series, I thought it fitting to give it an Olympic theme. Today marks the 1st anniversary of London 2012.
British flags on every nook & cranny of the capital were being waved, people smiling on the tube and never once during late summer did anyone lose the Olympic spirit.

The world watched as Team GB marched up the medals table and tears were shed watching athletes stand on the podium to watching them crumble in front of the world's media.
Watching every day and night from big screens in London, to sitting in the back office at work seeing Tom Daley squeeze into the final was amazing to be part of.
One sport that stuck with me since the Olympics was the track cycling team who had all of us including royalty on the edge of their seats whilst a Mexican wave flowed through the arena. Seeing the heartbreak, the success and the jubilation was all part of the drama that played out in the velodrome a year ago so when I was invited to interview Team GB Jessica Varnish, I was ready with the Boris bike to scoot down to The Dukes Hotel in Mayfair to talk everything health.

Good luck Jess at your future competitions and hope to see you next year in Glasgow to take Gold

Happy Anniversary London 2012

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