Organic Pharmacy Spring Collection

After a harsh winter of snow storms,pouring rain and temperatures that made the North Pole sound like the warmest place on earth, both skin and body were badly wounded in the war of the weather.
Symptoms of dry skin, red noses, constant breakouts and knotted hair  were a daily occurrence along with bloated stomachs and wobbly legs from stuffing faces on high calorie food that warmed our cockles.
So when I visited The Organic Pharmacy on Marlborough Street it was like a doctor's surgery for all winter's symptoms.

Greeted by Gina, she showed us the latest product to enter the pharmacy which was the Rose Balm, a remedy for all winter's problems including fixing dry hair, brittle nails. Looking round, I also got to see all the other products which they sell which includes their nail polish collection which comes in a variety of summery colours.

Also, the eucalyptus body scrub smelt amazing and the Jasmine candle made the corner of the store smell like your typical English country garden.

My favourite product I saw was the blemish gel and the Maunka anti blemish cream which would be perfect for my combination/oily skin. But the Rose Balm topped my list of favourites for it's multiple uses. Infact the Organic team had come up with 20 ways to use the Rose Balm.

  1. Soothe dry lips
  2. Fix split ends
  3. De frizz hair (works great on a hot tube)
  4. Moisturise dry areas like elbows
  5. Massage cuticles
  6. Strengthen lashes
  7. Fix any stray eyebrow hairs
  8. Turn those hard skin feet to baby's bottom soft feet
  9. Rub onto nails for shine
  10. Add to make up palette for a shimmering highlighter
  11. Add to lipstick to create a lip gloss in your favourite shade
  12. Put on earlobes when wearing costume jewellery
  13. Smooth skin for shaving
  14. Use as a mask for hair
  15. Removal of eyelash glue
  16. Rub on dry patches before applying false tan
  17. Use inflight or office on face to stop dryness
  18. Protect dry skin
  19. Apply over eyelids for on trend spring gloss
  20. Use as a hair styling wax
At first I wasn't sure on the smell but then I don't find rose the most appealing fragrance in beauty products. However, the multi purpose idea of the product redeemed from my personal taste of disliking rose. I love using it on my lips and massaging into my nails to give them a healthy looking sheen. Once the sun comes back out and my feet slip into open toe sandals, the balm will be certainly abused on my feet and hair.
It's a great product and at an affordable price point. You can purchase the Rose Balm in any Organic Pharmacy store or online.  

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