Reiss S/S 13 Press Day

I feel pretty amazed i've made it to my 100th post and what a fitting way to to post about a press day.
Walking down a chilly Oxford Street with the Christmas lights glistening above and shop windows displaying their sequin numbers, the last place you'd expect me to visit would be a Spring collection.
That was however exactly what I did.
Reiss opened their showroom up to bloggers, writers and a range of press to preview the Spring/Summer collection.
From pastels to whites to auburn oranges, it was a sea of colour and detail with tassels  raffia and leather protruding from the rails.

This season is the strongest I have seen of Reiss so far. Whether it has to do with a certain Duchess boosting their sales or a design team that took inspiration from the west coast in the 1971 range, it is catering for a wider demographic.

The most popular pieces at the press day were the silhouette dress which come in white (below) mint and black. The textured leather jacket in both ranges were oohed and ahhed over which will no doubt fly off the shelves.

My personal favourite is the fisherman knit jumper which was thick and chunky, perfect for those April shower days worn with a trench and jeans. 

Overall it was a great press day and the collection flowed seamlessly from bags matching the dresses to the suede panelling on the trousers matching the shoes. I look forward for the drop next season if if i'm wrapping up in dozens of layers for the next few months.

A massive thanks to the Reiss team for putting on a great press day. Some of the collection will drop in the next few weeks whilst the rest will drop in February. For a detailed look at the 1971 lookbook visit it here or go visit

What do you make of the collection?


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