Chloe's Never Looked Better in Pastel

Powder Pink Coat perfect for keeping toasty in chilly weather
Ankle Straps: Hottest Accessory trend
Pastel Never Fails to Excite me

You can tell something is Chloe just by looking at the garment. It will be floaty even if the material is wool. The outfit will look effortless, but will be imbued with details including bows, stitching, ruched effect. The models are like dolls with their porcelain features and flawless skin and hair is tousled so it looks like silk has fallen on their shoulders. This season was no different, the ankle strap shoes look set to becomes one of the autumn's biggest accessory trends and pastel is so popular it dominates the catwalk. Clare Keller certainly uses this as a season of sophistication with the powder pink coats and lace shirts it makes me just wanna eat macaroons and watch Sophia Grace on the Ellen show over and over again. My favourite outfit that i have to have or emulate is the nude skinny trousers and blouse (above) which is perfect for a 1st day of interning in the winter storms or for just heading into market picking up the necessities. As per usual Chloe becomes part of my Top 5 in the fall collections.

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